The History of Hubig's Pies

Simon Hubig began his baking career at the tender age of six, learning from his mother. Fast forward 100 years and two New Orleans families have also made baking pies a family affair.

The Simon Hubig Pie Company was founded in Ft. Worth, TX at the start of World War I by master baker Hubig. One of several plants in his southeastern chain, the New Orleans bakery opened in 1922 in its current Bywater location.  Hubig's chain faltered during the Depression and in the end, only the New Orleans location survived. And survive they do today.

Located in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans just east of the historic French Quarter, the Simon Hubig Pie Company bakes all of their products daily, as in Hubig's original plant. Fresh, local ingredients are used. And "Savory Simon" is memorialized in the company logo.

Names and faces don't change too often at Hubig's. The Bowman and Ramsey families are in their second generations of owner and operators, with a third ready to take the helm.

With the support of New Orleans and Hubig's loyal employees, the bakery and its traditions will flourish for another 100 years. 

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